Brand Identity - Mount Royal University - 2019
This company needed a new brand identity for their start-up company. As a capstone project, they needed help to make their identity rebranded to fully capture who they are, as well as a brand that can grow with them as the company takes flight and moves on to new projects. They also wanted it to be understood and well liked my different cultures, as their company was planning to be international. 
In a group of people selected to be together based on our skill set, I was in charge of the logo and the elements that went with the logo itself including the colours, the look, and the style guide that went with the brand. 
After researching the company, and speaking with the owners, I gained an understanding of who they are and what they do. Based on what I learned, I created a logo and an identity that represented who they are as people, as well as the brand. 
Take Away:
I learned a lot about listening to the client and knowing exactly who they are as a company is a big thing. If you do not know the company well, you cannot create an identity that truly encompasses them. 

Completed with: G. Corson, M. Flaviano, M. Grygus, J. Scott & J. Warner

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