Brand Identity - Mount Royal University - 2019

Creating a professional brand for TeamFund as part of a capstone project. This new identity needs to be professional and match who they are as a company and display a professional image to their current and potential clients. This new created identity should include a website design idea, social media post examples, a logo with visual identity guide, as well as promotional materials. 

Together, with a group of uniquely talented individuals, we were able to create a package that fully encompassed the elements this company needed to have in order to be successful. I created the visual components using my knowledge of the company and what they represented. I took their mission and created a logo that I thought fully encompassed that expression. I also created promotional advertisement designs, brochures, and designed a fundraising package booklet for if they decide to carry on with this approach. 
My take away

How often the client will change their mind throughout the process and how communication with the client is the most important thing in order to be effective and efficient. When there are questions, never assume. 

Completed with: G. Corson, M. Flaviano, M. Grygus, J. Scott & J. Warner

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