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The current system would send reminders on a certain schedule. This was a great start, but once we started listening to the support insights, we noticed a lot of current clinics, and potential clinics wanted to send a message to the patient outside of this structured layout.
What is the issue with what we have now? Is it the timing of the message in relation to the appointment? Do they like the reminder timing where they are now, and just want one off messages along with current reminders? I chatted with a couple of the users that brought this issue to our attention to see what they wanted, and what would make them happier with our app. 

After speaking with some users who use the product now and the sales team who talk to potential customers, we came to the conclusion that the users wanted the ability to send one off messages in addition to the original reminders that will go out in the same timely manor. 

Once I knew what we needed to create, we started to plan on where this button to send a message will live in the user’s UI. We laid out the user’s journey to better understand when they would use this feature and what messages they would like to sent to their patients. 
By using these journey maps, wireframes and initial sketches, I designed high fidelity deigns to show where this feature lives and all the different states and actions that can be used when working with his feature. Using the journey maps, I created templates were added to the feature so the clinic could have a quick way to send a message by SMS to their patient with as little effort as possible for common messages they would send. 
Because this was through SMS only, we made sure the users were aware of never sending personal health information in the messages as we could not be sure who is reading this message. 

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