A lot of our potential clients were asking for an appointment booking feature we currently did not have available and we were losing clients because of it. We needed to add this brand new feature, and do it well, to keep up with competitors. 
To separate us from other competitors and companies alike, we wanted to make sure our booking feature was unique and what our potential clients wanted. We took notes taken by sales and customer success to get a better understanding of what type of booking feature we needed.
We came to the conclusion of creating a feature that allowed users to select a numerous number of times and ‘request’ their appointment. This gives the clinic the final say and complete control over the appointments. 
A lot of research was done on how different companies do booking. From airlines to nail salons, many chatbots were explored! The workflow of first interaction to final booking was recorded and mood boards were formed on what was admired in different flows. 
Understanding our findings
To understand how clinics book their appointments, and how we can make their flow easier, we asked a few of the current clinics how they do it in their type of EMR. We shared screens, asked all the questions we needed to know like how they currently set up appointments, what information they collect and what they would need from us that would want them to use this new feature. 
Knowing we had to work with multiple EMRs, we needed to figure out a way that we can make a feature that works globally with all our EMRs. The different EMRs had similarities, but enough differences to make it more tricky to make a global feature that easily worked with all different systems being used by our clinics. 
Because both the patient (through mobile) and clinic (through desktop) users would be using this product, there needed to be two different UI’s and two very different user flows.

I needed to plan for both users of this product, meaning there were two totally different UI's that needed to work together to understand one another. 
I created two different use cases for a happy path 
I created two different journey maps for the happy path
I created two different journey maps for the possible errors 
I created two different sets of wireframes 
I created two different sets of low fidelity designs and prototypes 
I created two different sets of high-fidelity designs and prototypes 
I created two different sets of possible errors. 

Patient UI for appointment request 

Clinic UI for appointment request

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