Create a mobile app design that is designed to be thoughtful, appropriate, and useful. This app must be created to have a final goal of purchasing an item and lead to a reward, or end purchase at the end of the experience. You need to gather a collection of items to “sell” on your app and create a multi-screen path that leads from the start of a user’s journey, to the end where they purchase the item you are selling. 


To try something that is different than any other project I have done, I made this app design a little edgier than my other pieces. I love doing nails and nail polish, so I knew this was the item I wanted to sell. I used different techniques to have this app a reality. I poured nail polish on pieces of paper and took pictures of the dropped polish. This became the background of the main app interface.  
I then took the different parts of what goes into choosing a polish and making a polish and turning it digital. You choose the look, the colour, the name and what size of polish you would like to buy. In taking the idea of being more edgy, I decided to call it Poison and have edgy language and edgy typeface. I kept this consistent through the whole project to keep the feeling of being somewhat “badass” while making your nail polish. 

Take Away:

To not be afraid to try something new and something that goes against what I normally create. I need to push the boundaries on my projects and be willing to take a risk. 
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