Create a document in a team to inform a specific demographic on a topic of your choice, local coffee shops in Calgary. Research and compile a wide range of sources including interviews, online research and observational research and work as a team to create a well written, visually appealing, print document as well as an oral presentation to physically demonstrate and explain your process. 

Meetings at numerous coffee shops took place with my team to take notes on ambiance, coffee, price, and other aspects of local coffee shops. I was able to interview customers and employees about their experiences and took the notes to create a written document. I used InDesign to lay out the document and created a template for the rest of the group to use. This way, each of our pieces were consistent with one another. 
The final document had a colour theme that was created to express the warmth and comfort feeling in a coffee shop. Images taken at each location was added to the document and displayed uniquely for each shop itself. This allowed for the reader to continue to be interested in the document through each page.   
In the final product, we were able to execute the project thoroughly and successfully verbally communicated the document in an oral presentation. 

Take Away:
How to handle a team working on one project that needs to be consistent with the design and the tone of the written copy. It was a lot of work, but it turned out really well! I also found my favourite coffee shop that I became a regular at for the next three years!

Completed with: K. Hoffart & K. Lea
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