Complete rapid design iteration activity as an approach for collecting feedback and moving design ideas forward for a new app for the Canada Food Guide. This project requires you to design all the elements of an app through paper prototype and have landing pages for each of the possible elements to the app.

Through brainstorming and research, we looked for an idea that would make the most sense for a design. Once we had a solid template, we thought of 3 different tasks: set up an account; find a specific recipe; and add an item to your grocery list. 
When creating my portion of the app, I needed to make sure I had a landing page for each element so when testing, if the “hit a button” there would be a place for the app to go. Once the app was drawn out, it was printed and the test was given to 3 people. These people were of different generational status for a better understanding of how people at different ages would understand the app layout. The results were recorded based on if the participant was successful in completing the task, how long it took to complete, and if they made any comments throughout the test. 
These results allowed us to see what was wrong with the original design, as well as what was working well. 

Take Away:
Even if paper prototyping sounds easy, it is actually very time consuming and even more difficult than making the app on the computer. There is no copy and pasting an app and you really have to be creative in how you present the app in order for it to be usable. 

Completed with: D. Gerlitz, C. Duin, A. Metcs, A. Villaflores
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