Create an infographic poster that helps the general public understand the issue that you have selected, as related to seniors in Calgary. The poster requires one or more infographics, visualizations, systems maps, and supporting text. The text must include a clear narrative (thesis) and visual hierarchy that is reflective of it; appropriate infographics to represent data; thorough and layered data, where possible; levels/scale of engagement (15’ away, 10’ away, 5’ away, etc.); and use of grid, white space, appropriate typography and colour choice. 

I took the issue of elder abuse among the Canadian elder population and broke it down into different areas. I explained the different kinds of abuse, who is doing the abuse, and the data to back up the different elements. I created this poster emphasizing the different things to look out for and just make the viewers more aware that this is happening. 
I used calm colours to enhance the theme of how serious something like elder abuse is, but also made them engaging to capture the viewers’ attention. I made the different types of abusers the main focus, as this is something the viewer can acknowledge and start looking out for. 
I kept the text hierarchy strong so people can see it from afar and still be able to see my title and as they get closer see more of the information. This project was displayed at the Kerby Centre where the public could come in and be informed on different issues surrounding elders today.  

Take Away:
How important it is, when you plan on printing something large, to test print! You need your viewer to be directed to certain elements of your piece and to do so, the colours and the font size need to be how you anticipate them being. By test printing, you get an idea of how this will look before you are committed to printing the entire piece.  
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