The objective of this piece is to visualize a process or a system that is related to, or is a significant issue for, seniors in Calgary. This piece requires researching to identify all stakeholders (such as, the government, service providers, seniors, their families, etc.) and see what their roles are in your process. The map must show visual layout and show design principles throughout. 

When starting this project, I knew that knowing where to live, or where to put a loved one when someone can’t take care of them is a difficult task. I decided to make a system map that showed a day in the life at 3 common places for seniors to live if they need support. I did a day in the life that showed the time events happen, what support is available for the seniors and what the amount of assistance is given at each home. I made it so people can relate to each day and see what home and area to live in best for their circumstances. I also added the cost, the level of autonomy and the assistance available for each living arrangement as a quick guide. I wanted the colours to be welcoming and unique from one another so each living arrangement can be distinguished from the next. 

Take Away:
How difficult it can be to take different data that all have their own category, and make it look like it all belongs together and have it aesthetically pleasing. It was hard to lead the eyes and not let it get caught somewhere on the map with all the different data points I wanted to showcase. 
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