The final objective of this assignment is to design a magazine that highlights the 17 UN sustainable development goals to transform our world and emphasize one goal that shows an issue locally today. 

I researched and summarized all 17 goals and chose one that stood out to me. I am surrounded by teachers in my life, so reading about Goal 4: Quality Education peaked my interest. I researched issues in the curriculum today, and the idea of not failing is very prevalent. I took this further and interviewed teachers at a local high school to get their information on it. After researching more, I was able to write a feature that included a one on one interview with a math teacher about the issue. 
Once I had all text written, I went to the design. I researched different ideas of nature and historical ways people looked at nature and found the word “faerie” which is the old english spelling of ‘Fairy’. They spelled this when they thought faeries were looking over the land and gave wisdom to humans when needed. I thought this really emphasized the idea of the UN and what they want for the people of the world. I designed the actual magazine with this idea of modernist nature and kept the theme throughout. 

Take Away:
How many issues there are in the world, and how interesting it is when local issues are brought up in society. So many people had unique magazines, and mine focused on education. I realized how corrupt the education system is, especially with the amount of power the government has over a child’s education. I think it is just wrong, and I totally believe it needs to be changed. 
I learned a lot about gathering research and showcasing it in new ways!
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