The Student Union at the University of Calgary has many components and events that help the University be functional, socially inviting, and creates a sense of community for all of the attending students. Because the SU has so many different parts, many students do not know that they are behind the services they use every day. The object of this is to showcase how much the SU does for the students at the UofC. 

To create this map, I needed to research what parts of the SU helps with different events or services. By asking workers at the SU and seeing what goes behind the different services, I was able to generalize the main elements and graph it. I also wanted people to see how many needs are being met by the SU, and showcase specifically which services available can meet those needs. I used the SU colours, to stay on their brand and I made sure their services and the needs met were the highlight of the piece itself. 

Take Away:
How much work a Student Union does for their university. I was also very surprised by how many people are involved and how it functions as a small company with all the large corporation parts. It was an eye opening experience and it was a lot of fun to be a part of it for the summer. 
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