The goal of this project was to design a four page booklet that profiles a specific information designer. Using Toulmin’s Theory of Argument, communicate the significance of this information designer to a first year information design student. Conduct research and write, visualize and design the content of this project.  

When researching Kapitza, I noticed the bright colours and the uniqueness of all their designs. I wanted to showcase this by using the bright colours, as well as their black and white designs in contrast with each other. I noticed they really took pride in the fact that they have collaborated with so many companies to take their designs and put them on different mediums. I showcased this by showing the pattern itself and magnifying each of the patterns and giving a real life example of where this pattern was used in other companies. I used grids to help with the layout itself and completed the entire document citing with an APA format.

Take Away:
How incredibly talented some people are and how designs can be on any medium. These sisters made their business in a way that can go with any business and their designs can go on any textile. I think being able to design something so versatile is something I admire!
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