As a company grows, the features provided also needs to expand to keep up with competitors and increase the overall value. With this specific scenario, a design sprint needed to take place to brainstorm how we can easily make a feature usable to different users: the internal team, with a lot of experience and technology ability; as well as our clients who have a very mixed technological ability. We wanted this feature to eventually be a client facing feature on the app for our users to be more independent and less reliable on the company to make adjustments to their messages they send to users.

Knowing that numerous disciplines have different priorities on how this feature may look, I made sure to invite a solid mixture of the different skillsets within the company. This included developers, customer service individuals (the ones that will use the feature before we send it to client facing), design team members, as well as capstone individuals currently assisting us with the back end creation of this feature.
To allow people to get into the headspace of the design sprint, I passed out a little package of things to look over before the day of the sprint. This included the goals of the sprint, initial prototypes on the current issues we have today and what the goal is at the end of this project. I also added a How Might We question to get their minds spinning on how they might solve the issue at hand.
The day of the sprint, I gave a brief overview of what we have currently as a feature in case they did not have time to review beforehand. This allocated time for questions from the team to make sure we were all on the same page before really getting started!
To start things off, and to better allow the participants to understand what we are trying to accomplish, I showed them mood boards of different solutions other companies or other websites have done to solve similar problems. I divided the participants into pairs with individuals of different skillsets and a worksheet to write down pros and cons of each of the mood boards. Each of the boards showed multiple ways of showing the same concept that could help us reach our design goal.
After a big discussion of the pros and cons found, I documented these ideas and thoughts to come back to. As the individuals’ minds were active, I split them up into groups again, this time changing up the pairs to generate even more ideas and thoughts. With those new groups, they had a set amount of time to sketch, draw, write out, etc. their ideas of how the app feature should work. Taking the pros we discussed and trying to stay away from the cons, I wanted to let them design something that had no limitations. Without giving any limitations, the crew was able to let their mind fly without borders and come up with some really cool and unique ideas.
Once the buzzer rang, I had each group present their ideas and explain a little bit of the reasoning behind their ideas. With each amazing sketch, we were able to pull some great concepts we will experiment deeper with as this project and the new feature moves forward!
I loved facilitating this sprint as we were able to come up with some great concepts to potentially throw into designs for a new feature. It was also super fun to see different areas of skillsets come together and work as a team to sketch out some amazing new ideas!

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