Experience Projects

Graduating with my degree has allowed me to expand my creativity in so many ways. Whether it is displaying data, gathering data, showcasing information, or making people feel a certain way, it is always a new adventure when starting a project and a real accomplishment when you get your viewer to experience something unique.I have learned to have the viewer in mind whenever I am creating something. ‘What audience am I targeting, and how do I want them to feel?’ is something that comes to mind with any project. I have had the pleasure of creating some really unique projects, some that even made me step back and realize that it is showcasing more than I thought it would when it came to the interaction of the viewer! I like to have a project that makes me think outside of the box, as well as have my viewers think a little more than they normally would!

Digital Experience - Library Display
Physical Interaction & Research - Wayfinding
Digital Experience - Poison
Digital Experience - Human Centered Design Process
Visual Experience - Who Gives a Puck
Visual Experience - Invitation Design
Visual Experience - Movie Poster
Informative Experience - Cool Beans
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