Create a set of 6 invitations that show the understanding of optical kerning, design unity, and how to make text work together with other design elements such as composition and hierarchy. Set the text to communicate feeling and style that a specific word invokes and make each invitation legible, readable, and clearly understood. 

By taking the information and direction given, I created a set of invitations that include different typefaces, sizes and color to demonstrate hierarchy and composition. Different colour themes including monochromatic and tertiary were used to create contrast and connotation within each invitation. I took the words given and brainstormed what each meant to me and found images that represented what I believe that word invokes and edited the image to embrace the content and design of the invite itself.

Take Away:
What I learned when creating these invites was that no matter what the content is, you can create a sense of movement and emotion with the colour, type, and structure of the piece. 

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