In this project, I explored the combination of text and images through looking at a movie more complexly. Take 2 movies in a series and design two movie posters. These posters need to express each movie’s unique story. The two posters must act as a set--must look like they belong together. But, each poster must be different enough from the other that it communicates the differences between the two films. 
These movie posters cannot be made through a digital medium, but must be done using different paper and glue. 

I took the movie Zoolander and Zoolander 2 and watched the movies a few times to get to the true meaning behind it. Though it was tricky, I managed to see that the first movie was about understanding who Zoolander is on the inside, and he is not just a pretty face. Zoolander 2 was about seeing the beauty on the inside of someone, and not just care about the outside. Derek Zoolander in the first movie was the opposite of his son in the second, like apples and oranges. I showcased the beauty on the inside, as well as looks on the outside by showcasing the different fruits. I used cutting paper and layering them on top of each other to get the final poster.

Take Away:
You can find meaning in the silliest things if you change your point of view and look at something in a new light. You can learn something from almost anything if you change your perspective and open your eyes to new thought processes. 
I also learned that creating something that is not on the computer opened up new creative skills that I did not know I had and taught me to try new projects using different mediums.

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