Information Design is all about finding information and displaying it for the world to see. One of my favourite parts is actually retrieving the information itself, that way I can display exactly what I want and how I want it. Whether it is conducting a user test, or doing research on a topics or issue, it is always a challenge to see what information you will find, and how to display it to the world. Finding information and displaying it is not just for showcasing what I have found. I have learned that it is to teach someone, or to bring more awareness to a phenomenon that is currently happening in our society. Being an information designer, especially when researching, allows me to see all points to an issue, and gives me the drive to look deeper into other elements that others might not look for at first glance. Through my experiences, I have opened my eyes to so many different areas of a problem, and finding other key components

Research and Visualizing Data - Elder Abuse
Research and Visualizing Data - Elder Journey Map
Research and Visualizing Data - Journey Map
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Research and Visualizing Data - Kapitza
Research and Visualizing Data - Faerie Magazine
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