Location Identity - Mount Royal University - 2019
To research an identified section of the city and giving it a unique brand identity. By doing extensive desk and field research for this specific area, the object is to create a name, tagline and visual identity system for that place. 
Through research and observations while visiting the area, my partner and I noted the actions of people around us and understood the unique ‘vibes’ that were expressed through the variety of areas in this specific section of the city. My partner and I interviewed over 20 strangers in the area that allowed us to get an understanding of the different feels people had when in this area, why they were there, if they felt safe, etc. 
We took the words that people used and gathered a large list of words. The idea of a central hub came up and the term ‘hearth’ came to mind. I took the section of the map and connected the main areas, such as City Hall and the Public Library and gathered shapes from the connected lines. I then took the shapes and made them look like they were sparks and excitement coming from the words. The colours chosen are vibrant because that is how we felt the area was represented. 
My take away:
How unique people are, and how people can surprise you when you really get to talking. I think the brand really grew out of what input we received from the public, without them I don’t think the brand would have been as successful. 

Completed with: K. Hoffart

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