Displaying Data - The Students' Union University of Calgary - 2018

Create a graphic that allows donors and volunteers to understand how important the Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS) is to the students by highlighting the different areas of study involved, the new changes to the next year’s URS, and how impactful it can be to those involved. Make sure the graphic is in line with the University of Calgary’s Student Union (SU) brand.


In creating this infographic, I wanted to show the information with visuals, symbols and words. I used different visual techniques to show different scales of data. I used pie charts to show the students participating; I used pictograms to show the different faculties; I used icons to represent different events; and I used different weights of text to show emphasis. I managed to have all the data needed in the graphic, and did so in a size that was easy to print and email to those needed. 
I used the SU colours to maintain consistency and identify this piece with the rest of the SU’s projects.

Take Away:

Along with being in constant communication in showing the client the progress of the work, I also learned a lot on taking information and data provided and make sure I can add all the important elements to the graphic. I learned a lot about highlighting information and trying new ways of illustrating the data. 

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