Prototyping UI/UX Research - Mount Royal University - 2019 
Research the Physicians Learning Program (PLP) and have an idea of their Audit and Feedback (A&F) Report. Perform a usability test of the current document in terms of perceived accuracy, organization, labels. Navigation of the document might also be compared with a book vs. web page. Test this on practitioners in this field and present your findings. 

When looking at the given report, as a group, we thought of 5 questions to ask in this user test. To get some ideas on how to make the data visualization easier understood by the readers, new pages were designed that went with our questions. In taking the old report pages and adding our newly designed pages, Optimal Workshop was used to create a first-click test. The task questions, along with the corresponding pages were put in Optimal Workshop and a usability test was created. We targeted healthcare professionals to complete this user test. A total of 12 participants completely finished the entire test that included pre-test questions, 5 tasks for the original report, 5 tasks for the newly designed report, and post-test questions. This test was completed over a 10 day period, and once ended, the results were collected and written into a descriptive usability report. 

Take Away:
Even if you have the best user test out there, finding users to interact with your test is not an easy task. I was getting good at rejections and having people leave the test before it was even close to being completed. 

Completed with: C. Gale, K. Hoffart, K. Lea, K. MacLaren

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