Visual Identities

Working with external clients is a huge part of gaining experience, and I was lucky enough to work with different clients through the beginning of my career. Whether it was in class, volunteering or doing freelance work, I have been able to use my creativity to help others identify with their brand in many situations. When thinking of an identity for a brand, I used to believe it was just the logo and colours. However, throughout my experiences, I have appreciated the fact that the visual identity is a lot more. It is something that gives the brand life and personality, as well as expresses the entire company as a whole. There is a reason for every colour chosen; a intention for every curve or sharp edge to a line; and an explanation to the visual that will express every part of a company. Whether it was a section of a city, a startup making a name for itself, or a company that wants a ‘facelift’, I have learned the proper way to bring personality and excitement to a brand visually, and what it means to have a single visual express your brand as a whole. ​​​​​​​

The Hearth
The Goldmind Project
H3alth Technologies
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